The Honorable Kathleen Leos is the CEO of the Global Institute for Language and Literacy Development. As a guest on the 25 Years of Education series, Honorable Kathelle Leos discussed the progress of education in the last 25 years.

Prior to founding GILD, Kathleen Leos served a six-year (2002-2007) presidential appointment as the Assistant Deputy Secretary & Director of the Office of English Language Acquisition in the U.S. Department of Education (OELA).

In this exclusive interview with Colorín Colorado, Ms. Leos describes how the issue of educating English language learners started as something personal in her local PTA and then eventually became the central issue in her long and distinguished career in the ELL field.

The Honorable Kathleen Leos appeared as a panelist on the education series. To view the episode, follow this link: 25 Years of McCuistion: The State of Education in 1990.