W. Michael Cox, Ph.D. was a guest on McCuistion’s episode: Oh, Yes, I Did Build That. This was an episode that discussed free market and economic progress.

According to the SMU website:

W. Michael Cox, Ph.D., is director of SMU’s O’Neil Center for Global Markets and Freedom, which studies the impact of competitive market forces on freedom and prosperity in the global economy.

Cox is former chief economist and senior vice president of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, where he served for 25 years advising the President on monetary and other economic policies. He is the author of numerous op-ed articles for The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, USA Today, Financial Times, and Investor’s Business Daily, and his work has appeared in virtually every major newspaper and magazine worldwide. He is the author of Myths of Rich and Poor: Why We’re Better Off Than We Think.

W. Michael Cox, Ph.D. joined the McCuistion Program to discuss free market and the economic process on the episode: Oh Yes, I Did Build That! Follow this link to view the episode on the free market.