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Feb11, 2024

Immortally: Is Death Really Necessary? Part Two (3014)

February 11, 2024|

Our guests claim that death is a disease and can be cured. They discuss the implications of immortality such as ethics, finance, religion, retirement and even marriage, surrounding the possibility of immortality. We learn even more unique perspectives as to whether death, like taxes, is inevitable.

Feb4, 2024

Immortally: Is Death Really Necessary? Part One (3013)

February 4, 2024|

Our guests believe it is possible to live 200-300 years or forever! This is part one of a two-part program on whether we humans actually have to see death as part of life. We look at the scientific research that is being done all over the world and whether in fact you or your loved ones can avoid death as we know it.

Jan28, 2024

The Geopolitics of Our Border Drug Trade (3009)

January 28, 2024|

Joining Host Jim Falk on the controversial topic of how China and Mexico may be enabling the production and importation of illicit drugs into the United States and what options are being proposed to counter this growing problem are two guests who look at this issue very differently.

Jan21, 2024

Can We Fix Our Immigration Policies? (3010)

January 21, 2024|

In our discussion, we ask: What percentage of the total U.S. population is made up of immigrants and how much has it fluctuated in recent years? As America’s birth rate drops, should we or should we not increase the number of immigrants allowed into the country? Is the United States becoming less competitive for immigrant workers, particularly high-skilled? See what our experts have to say on Perspectives Matter - Can We Fix Our Immigration Policies?

Jan14, 2024

Our Youth’s Mental Health Crisis (3006)

January 14, 2024|

Emergency room visits for anxiety and depression are up nearly 30%. Suicide attempts for girls are up dramatically. More young people are reporting “persistent” feelings of sadness, hopelessness, and thoughts of suicide. So, what’s going on that is causing this? And what are potential solutions? Join us to learn more.

Jan7, 2024

How to Really See and Be Seen (3008)

January 7, 2024|

According to a recent survey by the Pew Research Center, 61% of U.S. adults say having close friends is extremely or very important to live a fulfilling life. Yet, consider this, 30% say they have fewer than three close friends. See what our experts have to say about this.

Nov12, 2023

Is Drone Warfare Ethical? (2901) Re-air

November 12, 2023|

Drone warfare remains controversial, with many questioning the ethics, morality, and critical legal issues of using drones to fight their wars, even though they may be considered essential instruments of war.

Nov5, 2023

The Inflation Crisis (2924)

November 5, 2023|

According to Mauldin, the economy in 2019 was already indicating we could be headed for a recession. COVID-19 turned everything upside down. We were in a crisis. What direction do we take now? Are we headed for a financial meltdown?

Oct29, 2023

The Power of Forgiveness (2925)

October 29, 2023|

What is forgiveness? Why do we find forgiveness so challenging? How does harboring anger and resentment affect one’s health? And what are the benefits of forgiveness? Our guests say, there is a way to move forward through forgiveness, however difficult that may be. Join us to learn more.

Oct22, 2023

Technology and the Global Struggle for Power (2923)

October 22, 2023|

There’s no doubt the U.S. and China are committed to having a military advantage over one another. While the risk of armed conflict, perhaps over Taiwan, exists, the real battle for technological supremacy is where the struggle for global power is taking place. Join us to hear more about where we stand with China today and the direction we may be taking in the future.

Oct8, 2023

Global Power in the Age of AI (2926)

October 8, 2023|

Can international regulations organizations address the fact that the United States along with its liberal democratic allies might have a very different goal than that of China, Russia, and the growing number of authoritarian states who see AI as a means to gain and maintain power?

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