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Jul24, 2022

Is Our Healthcare System Broken? (2815)

July 24, 2022|

A Newsweek headline read, "How bad is the U.S. health care system?" Among high-income nations, it’s the worst, the study says. U.S. #healthcare may be one of the best in the world, however, our healthcare system itself is complicated, expensive, and somewhat dysfunctional.

Jul17, 2022

Can We Trust the Supreme Court? (2817)

July 17, 2022|

According to Pew Research, in the last three years, the share of adults with a favorable view of the Supreme Court has dropped 15% from 70% to 54%. See what Hon. Alberto R Gonzales, Former U.S. Attorney General of the United States, Belmont University College of Law, has to say.

May8, 2022

Re-air: Why is Antisemitism Still With Us? (2711)

May 8, 2022|

Is anti-Semitism still an issue in the U.S. and elsewhere? Our experts, Holly Huffnagle: The American Jewish Committee’s, U.S. Director, for Combating Antisemitism and Sara Abosch Jacobson, Ph.D., Senior Director for Education in the Dallas Holocaust Museum, say absolutely.

May1, 2022

Re-air: How Do We Regain Trust? (2704)

May 1, 2022|

Join our hosts, Dennis McCuistion and Jim Falk and guests, on May 1, on KERA, Channel 13 in Dallas, for an insightful look at what trust is, and why it's so important to conducting business and nurturing relationships.

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