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Jul2, 2023

The Growing Issues of Homeless Youth (2917)

July 2, 2023|

An exceptionally vulnerable segment of the homeless population is our youth. It’s estimated that just within the Dallas Independent School District, there are over 4,000 students who meet the federal definition of homeless.

Jun25, 2023

The Escalating North Korea Challenge (2921)

June 25, 2023|

That North Korea is only one of three countries that can threaten the U.S. with nuclear weapons is of great concern, not only to the U.S. Joining host Jim Falk to talk about our relations with North Korea and its impact on world events are experts Jenny Town and Siegfried Hecker, Ph.D.

May21, 2023

Do Authoritarians Rule the World? (2913)

May 21, 2023|

Today, there appears to be an increasing number of autocrats and political leaders who rule solely for their own interests. From N. Korea to Iran, Saudi, and Latin America, we are seeing some flagrant abuses of power and instances of how absolute power corrupts. Our experts focus on how authoritarians exercise and abuse their power shaping world events and not for the better.

May14, 2023

Is an EV in Every Garage in Our Future? (2918)

May 14, 2023|

The Biden administration has announced that by 2030 50% of all vehicles sold in the U.S. will be electric. That’s a heavy lift, since last year only 5.8% of vehicles sold were electric. In this program, we discuss whether this ambitious goal is attainable.

Apr23, 2023

The Science of Resilience: Nature or Nurture? (2908)

April 23, 2023|

Joining Host Vince Poscente are: Michael Ungar, Ph.D., The Resilience Research Centre at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia and Andrew Nevin, Ph.D., Advisory Partner, Chief Economist, PwC, Nigeria, scientist and an economist who brings a different perspective to the definition.

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