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Oct31, 2021

Re-Air: What do Americans Need to Know About China? (2710)

October 31, 2021|

China continues to cause consternation to the U.S. Our relations with China appear to be at long time low. In his recent confirmation hearings for Director of the CIA, William Burns said, “The adversarial Chinese leadership poses our biggest political threat.” They are also the third-largest trading partner the U.S. has and the second-largest economy in the world and the most formidable competition that the U.S. has. Bringing some new perspectives on this growing concern is David J. Firestein, the inaugural president and CEO of the George H. W. Bush Foundation for U.S.-China Relations (Bush China Foundation). 

Oct24, 2021

War and Corruption: Do They Go Hand in Hand? (2725)

October 24, 2021|

There seems little doubt that war breeds corruption. Dollars that should go to building a strong military force are often sidelined into individual pockets. Afghanistan is a ”glaring” example of this with government employees and even the military benefiting from aid dollars.

Oct18, 2021

Re-air: What Can We Learn from Dead Philosophers? (2709)

October 18, 2021|

Eric Weiner, award-winning journalist, former foreign correspondent for NPR, and best-selling author of The Geography of Bliss, among others, joined hosts Dennis McCuistion and Jim Falk for a rollicking discussion on his newest work, The Socrates Express, and shared insights from some of our favorite philosophers.

Oct10, 2021

What’s Wrong With the Texas Grid? (2724)

October 10, 2021|

The record-breaking temperatures this last winter caused havoc with the Texas power grid. The grid could not deliver the power needed to cope with the temperatures and household needs. As a result, more than 4.8 million homes were left without power, and heat. At least two hundred people died.

Sep5, 2021

The Politics of Envy (2722)

September 5, 2021|

Anne Hendershott, Ph.D., in her book The Politics of Envy, explains how envy leads to resentment, which eventually erupts into violence and rage, malicious mobs, cancel culture, and the elevation of dysfunctional political systems such as socialism and Marxism.

Aug1, 2021

Re-air: Cyberwarfare: The Fifth Domain (2701)

August 1, 2021|

This program focuses on how to defend our security, economy, democracy, and privacy from cyber-attack and how to keep the fifth domain (the Pentagon’s term for cyberspace) a humming engine of economic growth and human progress by not giving in to the dark forces that aim to make it an area of conflict.

Jul25, 2021

Re-air: Personal and Cyberthreats You Must Know About (2602)

July 25, 2021|

The digital landscape has made us all more vulnerable to cyberthreats, breaches of security, malware attacks, and scams. Foreign entities continually breach our security and everyone, not just big business and government, is at risk. Are there solutions? How can we protect ourselves and our business? See what our experts have to say.

Jul18, 2021

The Scramble for Power in an Ungoverned World (2720)

July 18, 2021|

Peter Zeihan, founder of Zeihan on Geopolitics and author of Disunited Nations, The Scramble for Power in an Ungoverned World, joins hosts Dennis McCuistion and Jim Falk, once again, for a startling conversation on the issues that have changed the geopolitical scene worldwide and forged America’s new role in the world’s infrastructure.

Jul11, 2021

The Status of America’s Global Influence (2719)

July 11, 2021|

Geopolitical expert, Peter Zeihan, author of Disunited Nations: The Scramble for Power in an Ungoverned World, joins hosts Dennis McCuistion and Jim Falk for lively and very “counterintuitive arguments about the future of a world where trade agreements are coming apart and international institutions are losing their power.”

Jul4, 2021

What Causes Mass Movements? (2716)

July 4, 2021|

Joining hosts Dennis McCuistion and Jim Falk are Tom Shachtman, writer, filmmaker, and the author of American Iconoclast: The Life and Times of Eric Hoffer, and Dr. Rory McVeigh, Chair of the Department of Sociology, Notre Dame University.

Jun27, 2021

NATO: Is It Still Strategic? (2717)

June 27, 2021|

Join our hosts, Dennis McCuistion and Jim Falk, and guests Ambassador Kay Bailey Hutchison and Timothy Andrews Sayle, Ph.D. for an up-to-date view of NATO, and its influences and relevancy in today’s “new” world.

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