Dennis McCuistion

Do Authoritarians Rule the World? (2913)

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Today, there appears to be an increasing number of autocrats and political leaders who rule solely for their own interests. From N. Korea to Iran, Saudi, and Latin America, we are seeing some flagrant abuses of power and instances of how absolute power corrupts. Our experts focus on how authoritarians exercise and abuse their power shaping world events and not for the better.

Freedom Fest

By |2009-08-05T10:50:16-05:00August 5, 2009|Current News|

Dennis McCuistion, Host of the McCuistion program, and Terry Brock, professional speaker and marketing coach, with an emphasis on optimizing technology, recently attended the 2009 Freedom Fest event, in Las Vegas. Attendees and speakers read like a “who’s who” of economists, CEO’s and thought leaders. This year’s focus, as you might expect, was on the economy.

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